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Hille Pepperpot Stool

Hille Pepperpot Stool

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Product Description:

Hille Pepperpot Stools, used widely in schools, colleges, in the laboratory and technology classroom, and other educational or work settings. This stacking stool is UK manufactured using high tensile steel frames and high grade polypropylene to ensure their durability in classroom environments. The strong epoxy coated skid base frame has a slightly wider front making it difficult to tilt and it is supplied with wearable feet. There are 7 exciting chair colour options for shells, and 3 frame colour options. The Pepperpot Stool comes in 5 heights and is recommended for stacking up to 8 high. The chair comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Hille Pepperpot Stool
Lab, Work, Or Technology Classroom Stool
UK Manufactured
Durable & Versatile
7 Shell Colour Options
3 Frame Colour Options
Available In 5 Heights: 430, 525, 610, 685, 760
Recommended Stacking 8 High
10 Year Guarantee

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HPSL430Pepperpot stool lime 430£24.55£24.06£23.81
HPSR430Pepperpot stool Red 430£24.55£24.06£23.81
HPSP430Pepperpot stool pink 430£24.55£24.06£23.81
HPSCG430Pepperpot stool charcoal grey 430£24.55£24.06£23.81
HPSBB430Pepperpot stool baby blue 430£24.55£24.06£23.81
HPSO430Pepperpot stool orange 430£24.55£24.06£23.81
HPSL525Pepperpot stool lime 525£24.55£24.06£23.81
HPSR525Pepperpot stool Red 525£24.55£24.06£23.81
HPSP525Pepperpot stool pink 525£24.55£24.06£23.81
HPSCG525Pepperpot stool charcoal grey 525£24.55£24.06£23.81
HPSBB525Pepperpot stool baby blue 525£24.55£24.06£23.81
HPSO525Pepperpot stool orange 525£24.55£24.06£23.81
HPSL610Pepperpot stool lime 610£24.55£24.06£23.81
HPSR610Pepperpot stool Red 610£24.55£24.06£23.81
HPSP610Pepperpot stool pink 610£24.55£24.06£23.81
HPSCG610Pepperpot stool charcoal grey 610£24.55£24.06£23.81
HPSBB610Pepperpot stool baby blue 610£24.55£24.06£23.81
HPSO610Pepperpot stool orange 610£24.55£24.06£23.81
HPSL685Pepperpot stool lime 685£24.55£24.06£23.81
HPSR685Pepperpot stool red 685£24.55£24.06£23.81
HPSP685Pepperpot stool pink 685£24.55£24.06£23.81
HPSCG685Pepperpot stool charcoal grey 685£24.55£24.06£23.81
HPSBB685Pepperpot stool baby blue 685£24.55£24.06£23.81
HPSO685Pepperpot stool orange 685£24.55£24.06£23.81
HPSL760Pepperpot stool lime 760£24.55£24.06£23.81
HPSR760Pepperpot stool red 760£24.55£24.06£23.81
HPSP760Pepperpot stool pink 760£24.55£24.06£23.81
HPSCG760Pepperpot stool charcoal grey 760£24.55£24.06£23.81
HPSBB760Pepperpot stool baby blue 760£24.55£24.06£23.81
HPSO760Pepperpot stool orange 760£24.55£24.06£23.81